Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The CDO Client Project Roll-Out - one bumpy ride

Arrived in CDO yesterday for the cutover of my client's project. My second visit to Cagayan de Oro started not so well. I purposely missed my flight with Philippine Airlines at 7:20am so I can do some important things in Manila. My other teams' flights also got messed up due to a storm somewhere in the Visayas area, particularly Cebu City, which happens to be the flight path to Cagayan.

All flights to CDO were either canceled (for smaller planes like Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific), and mostly delayed for an hour or two for PAL flights. I was able to re-book my flight for a 1:30pm flight. We finally took off an hour later.

The CDO flight should take about an hour and a half, and one hour into the flight, suddenly, air tubulence marred the somehow smooth ride. The plane was shaking for more than 15 minutes. From the cockpit, we heard the pilot announcing about diverting the plane to Mactan, Cebu, if, after 3 unsuccesful landing attempts at CDO airport.

CDO airport is about 12 kilometers from the main Cagayan de Oro city, and sits on top of a mountain. Visibility was 5 kilometers at that time, and pilot informed us that he will be using Instrument landing method. I'm not familiar with that, but the sound of it made me thought of landing the plane using the instruments rather than with visuals.

Whew, pardon for how I construct my blog. This is the first time I write a blog, and I am not a good writer, and I don't really much into reviewing my work to for a better sentence construction of sorts. My draft is my final piece. Perhaps, writing regularly here help me hone my skills - hope you agree. :-)

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