Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flashback: The Bacolod Masskara Festival

This is my Blog Flashback series.

First flashback was the Masskara Festival in Bacolod City, Philippines. We were in Bacolod to roll-out a client's system project (14-Oct to 21-Oct, 2007) and it was during that period when the annual Bacolod Masskara festival culminates. It was also the time that they launched for the first time what they called the "Electric Masskara".

Masskara Festival is all about street dancing and merry-making with agile performers and dancers wear colorful, and some, mysterious costumers all complete with different kinds of masks. Different contingents vie for the grand Prize set by the local city government.

This year's 1st Electric Masskara was a huge success, and we had a great time partying all around Bacolod main streets which were converted into one big party place with lots of foods, drinks and... hmmm. pretty, smiling ladies.

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