Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tips for the Newbie Blogger - draft

New to this blogging stuff? Yeah, I am. Looking at the other people's blogs makes me wonder how much time should I spend to create such wonderful work of art - the art of writing something that interests you, and share to others.

As for me, below are the tips that I should follow (doesn't matter if the experts disagree), so I can very well start in no time (fingers-crossed, hopefully :)

1. Think of something that I want to write - or blog about.
- So far, I don't have one yet. So I will write anything that comes to my mind

2. Think of the words to write properly - NAH. Construct my blog properly - NOT THIS TIME.
- This will definitely push me not to blog forever.

3. Review my work before posting - NOPE
- I will write and post my blog - even if its still a draft. Perhaps, putting a 'draft' note would be helpful. Hmmm, let me go back at the title of this blog to put 'draft'.

4. Share my blog - YES
- Will tell all my friends, my colleagues, my clients - even my dog, Morphie, that I'm a blogger at Blogspot. Cool stuff!

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