Saturday, December 8, 2007

Signed-up with PayPerPost

I came across this awesome Blog money earner called PayPerPost. However, it screens blogs and most probably my The Consulting Experience will not make this time considering it's just 15 days old. It requires that your Blog is already ranked by Google, and that it has wide linkages and readership base.

Hopefully, soon, my blogs would be eligible into this program. It promises to pay Bloggers big dollars for each quality post made. Advertisers will accept or reject the blogs, and pay for quality prepared blogs about products and services these Advertisers want to promote.

Bloggers can browse the Opportunities section, and search various Blog Projects required by Advertisers. Pay range per Blog post starts at an average of 1USD to 5USD, and up to 15USD to more than 100USD for top Advertisers.

Go check out this money earner for your blogs. Leave me your comments on what are your thoughts about this program.

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