Sunday, December 16, 2007

Re-Issue: The A.W. Paid Surveys

Remember this Online Survey link? I signed-up on this two Sundays ago - and honestly, I was not really so active in making referrals due to heavy requirements on my recent projects. Upon registration, I earned USD6.00 that night.

On succeeding nights, I managed to complete the available surveys (remarkably easy surveys). It asks you to click a website and give your evaluations regarding the site - now there's your creativity. Make sure to make your descriptions/evaluation brief. Tips: Talk about the site's appearance, color, font, services offered, or just about anything. If a site is dead/or not available, then just specify in your evaluation that it's not available.

Now let's look at how much I earned completing those surveys - I managed to increase my funds to US$27.00. Great! No sweat.

Here's the sweet part - today, when I log-in to check this account - look at the figure (click the image below to enlarge). Cool? try it now. No Fee, No Credit Card, it's free. When it gets to US$75.00, you can redeem it using Paypal. Not bad for a freebie...

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